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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Since Ashley Madison Got Hacked The Community Has Diminished

Ashley Madison used to advertise what they offered their members: an easy way to start an extramarital affair and hookup. There were a bunch of TV advertisements as well as radio ads signaling men and women to check out their options. They claimed to be secure and private and for many years it was a site where no strings attached rendezvous could happen for members. Unfortunately, Ashley Madison was hacked, and it created a storm of a predicament. Housewives and bored husbands still want to visit their site to get their fuck fix, but it’s not recommended to give any of your information to the hacked fuck finder site.

Luckily There Are Many Great Hookup Sites To Get You Laid Now

Ashley Madison was popular and in the media before the hack occurred and was even featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. Once hacked, grieving husbands hired divorce layers and housewives were went after for just doing what we all want to do, fuck a stranger from time to time. Luckily, we don’t have to worry much because newer hookup sites were launched such as Fuckbook and they take security seriously and the privacy of their members to be an important key feature. It’s almost as if companies learned what not to have happened to them by seeing what happened to Ashley Madison.

Unfortunately for Ashley Madison, many people see it as ridiculous for even considering rejoining the site after its entire database of users get publicly revealed without doing anything to compensate any of the members. The site is actually proud because many of its users admitted to getting laid by using its services.

Bottom Line

In the height of Ashley Madison, it was magical because it allowed people to get themselves some side action and everyone believed that there was likely no way anyone’s information would be revealed. Now the site is old and used up like yesterday’s pop star who goes on a drinking binge and leaves the stage, then comes back years later fat, eyeliner running down her face, and wearing the wrong clothes. No thank you. There has since been a multitude of hookup sites entering the space and building a trusting community by making security and privacy important.